On this intense investigation we have: Dr Dre and Aftermath's main player, Dawaun Parker steps up to discuss Detox, his work with Eminem, Raekwon, Slaughterhouse and Joe Budden. Filled with stories of studio sessions with Dre and Eminem, D. Parker emits enthusiasm and energy, taking an in-depth look at life on Aftermath and more specifically the creative process behind some of hip hop's most memorable songs. Who has contributed to Detox and when will it be released? How does Dr Dre assemble his team and is Dre confident that Detox will succeed? Why did Eminem dislike Relapse so much and has he got what it takes to survive? More importantly, how confident is D. Parker that his future is secure and that he will always be part of Dr Dre and Eminem's plans? The answers are all here. Jedi Mind Tricks' new 2011 album is highly anticipated. With this said, it was our pleasure to talk with group member Jus Allah, for a candid, raw 45 minute journey through every single AOTP affiliated artists' releases in 2011. We talk Ill Bill's "Heavy Metal Kingz","Violence Begets Violence", "Meanest Man Alive" and so much more in what turned out to be an essential interview for underground hip hop fans worldwide. Will Jus Allah collaborate with Bomshot in 2011? We let him explain .... It is set to be a busy year for the Wu Tang Clan. With an array of album releases imminent and a very precious Wu symbol to restore, Wu pioneer Cilvaringz glides into the show to deliver an extremely personal and informative exploration of each Wu member in 2011, covering the current status on their new albums and career. We talk in depth about future Wu albums including Raekwon "Shaolin vs Wu Tang", Method Man's forthcoming album on Def Jam, GZA "Liquid Swords II", Killah Priest "Heavy Mental 2" and Ghostface Killah's "Supreme Clientele II". Don;t miss the discussion regarding never-released tracks from classic Wu albums, such as the Liquid Swords unreleased track featuring Nas. Saigon has a lot to prove. His new album The Greatest Story Never Told , is finally released Feb 8th with a multitude of issues surrounding it. On this snappy interview we discuss the influence of close-friend and production ally,Just Blaze, from both a creative perspective and also on a personal level. We talk Joe Budden, Slaughterhouse, internet fans and much more in an electric feature, guaranteed to make you think. Planet Asia leaps onto the show to launch into a deep yet entertaining philosophical discussion regarding such new artists as Wocka Flocka and Lil B. Filled with admiration for such artists, this one interview is likely to change your perspective on the intention and reasons why so many "artists" create the music they are known for. In addition we break down Black Belt Theatre track by track including such collaborations as Raekwon, Camp Lo and more. The energy of Planet Asia is infectious and uncontrollable - also check for the live acapella at the end of the feature. AND THAT'S NOT ALL! Editor-in-chief of internet powerhouse HipHopDX, Jake Paine, joins us for an interview rich in substance and depth, summarising 2010 in Hip Hop. In this reflective and warm interview, we address HipHopDX and its past and present position and goals, online competition, Hip Hop DX’s review system and “tell it like it is and how it should be” editorial ethos.In addition, we also speak on Hip Hop DX’s power versus the machine, the recent removal of such blogs as On Smash etc, the rise of EP’s, Guru’s passing and a past miscommunication between HHDX and Masta Ace. Jake also takes time to offer advice on how to get noticed by HipHopDX , if you are an unsigned artist. Essential listening! Enjoy and a happy new year to all! BONUS! Check Mista Montana and Menace's recent interview with Hip Hop Underground - http://www.hiphopug.com/1/post/2011/01/hhug-interview-with-conspiracy-worldwide-radio.html Contact us at conspiracyworldwide@gmail.com Blackberry Messenger: 22192BE3 Mista Montana - http://www.montanauk.com Menace - http://messengermenace.blogspot.com