**TO LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD SEE THE END OF THE SHOW DESCRIPTION!** On this windswept overthrowing of tyranny we have: Pete Rock steps onto the show in one of the most coincidental and fortuitous ways possible, exploring his forthcoming releases in 2011. We dig deep regarding his album with DJ Premier, his full collaborative album with Nas, an all new Pete Rock & CL Smooth album, a potential collab long player with Madlib and his forthcoming self-produced Smif N Wessun album. In addition to all of this he expresses his desire to work on something more substantial with fellow-guest, Nottz as well as hos own solo releases this year. A true Conspiracy moment that's too good to miss. Nottz drops onto the episode to reveal all about his future work with a who's who of hip hop artists. As the world patiently awaits any glimpse of news regarding one of hip hop's most anticipated albums, Nottz takes us on an informative journey regarding the creation of Dr Dre's Detox. We talk track names, track order, featured artists and those producers who are handling production on the soon-to-be released Detox album, including himself, Jake One and DJ Khalil. In addition to revealing that he produces the first track on Detox, featuring The Game and Busta Rhymes, Nottz talks us through hearing the original, now shelved version of Detox, an album Nottz claims was created from literally 100s of finished Dr Dre tracks. Want to know how Detox was made? Well here is your answer. Smoke DZA was one of the most refreshingly prolific artists of 2010. He joins us on this episode, full of character, to explore his career including the successes of an independent artist, hip hop's tendency to stereotype,possible future collaborative albums with Devin The Dude, Pete Rock and of course his current work on an EP with Alchemist. 2011 is sure to bring the world a whole sack full of Smoke DZA and it was our pleasure to share this one. What a Kush! MC Eiht is an absolute accomplished pillar of West Coast hip hop. His new album with DJ Premier is set to be one of the most diverse adventures in his massive career, so it was our true honor to welcome him onto this episode to discuss the creation of "Which Way Is West". As wise as you would expect, Eiht analyzes the current West Coast scene, citing socio-political and economic factors as reasons for the hiatus so many artists have taken. He tells us in detail how this is all set top change and with his new group 1st Generation (comprising of himself, Kurupt, King T,Jayo Felony, The Chill, Sir Jinx, Gangsta from The Comrads)and their forthcoming album. Showbiz drops onto the show to talk about the creative process of his new album with KRS One, including the way that KRS always turns up to studios with a briefcase packed with rhymes. We also take a massive exploration of his beat history, the sad news that DITC are now officially no more and the way that Flavor Unit rejected the classic beat that then became "Sound Of The Police". Enemy Soil's epic producer C-Lance takes time out from his busy production duties to discuss all of the projects that he has an active role in producing this year, including Ill Bill * Vinnie Paz "Heavy Metal Kingz", Jedi Mind Tricks "Violence Begets Violence", Diabolic's new album, Doap Nixon, Sicknature and much more - this one is for the hardcore! AND THAT'S NOT ALL! If Verbal Kent’s only long-term interest is to become part of hip hop history, then his latest offering, Save Yourself, simply adds his signature to his application letter for Hall Of Fame status! Whether its collaborations with legends such as Masta Ace, Sadat X, Edo. G One Be Lo solidify his comfort zone or dropping complementary flows over soundscapes from favorites like Pete Rock, Marco Polo, Apollo Brown, !llmind, Verbal Kent is on a mission. In this accomplished and ambitious interview, Verbal Kent reaches out to you, the listener, to salvage yourself from sleeping on his work, addressing such topics as the making of Save Yourself, collaborations, time management versus quality, fans. He also leaves the interview with the promise to bring UK legend Blade, back out of retirement. That's the gifted and talented Blade, not that retarded council estate, slime faced playground grime artist that's just emerged using the same name. PLUS! BONUS PODCAST-ONLY FOOTAGE On a cold winter's night Virtuoso took time out to speak to us prior to this live episode and explore his long-awaited album, his relationship with fans of hip hop and much more including a live acapella. Included here as podcast-only bonus footage, this is as sharp as it gets. Enjoy our epic hard work! Contact us at conspiracyworldwide@gmail.com Blackberry Messenger: 22192BE3 Mista Montana - http://www.montanauk.com Menace - http://messengermenace.blogspot.com