On this heart-moving show we have: Slaughterhouse's dagger-tongue, Crooked I, is with us for a feature-length interview regarding his ambitions for C.O.B., his next album Million Dollar Dream, his signing to Shady Records, working with Eminem, Slaughterhouse's second album and some of his craziest moments at Death Row Records. If that wasn't enough, Crooked I even finds time to inform us of Slaughterhouse's reaction and subsequent plans for The Four Horsemen (Priest/Canibus/Kurupt/Ras Kass)this year and it sounds brutal. Hip hop cannot miss this one. Four Horsemen member and Wu Tang messenger, Killah Priest, steps in to discuss the creation of PWOWR 'The Psychic World of Walter Reed' in detail, citing the many people who are involved with production and guest appearances. The list includes Nas, the RZA, the GZA and many more. We also discuss the controversial album cover, which makes reference to Dr Melachi Z York and hear about his recent meeting with The Four Horsemen, including his contributions to their conversation and their plans for the album. Cormega steps in unannounced to share his thoughts and reaction upon hearing the full details of the criminally under-publicized natural disaster in Pakistan. Offering his full support and audibly shocked at the true extent of the carnage in that country, Cormega recalls his recent time in Haiti and emphasizes the need for people to donate to the adults and children out there - http://www.dec.org.uk Dame Grease leaves a busy studio session to discuss his forthcoming projects with The Lox, DMX and his new Max B project, pairing Max with unreleased verses from Notorious B.I.G. and 2 Pac. Dame gives a first hand account of DMX's current state after being recently released from incarceration, citing that X is filled with renewed self-control and drive to make new music. He discusses his new studio work claiming that the tracks currently being recorded are 'ridiculous, classic DMX'. 2 Hungry Bros step away from the production table to fill the listeners stomachs with a feast of food for thought regarding their production work, the many artists they have worked with and their musical inspirations. We dissect more serious social issues and explore such topics as false economy. brain washing and the government's cunning methods of social control. You will leave this one with a lot to digest. AND THAT'S NOT ALL! Willo Wispa is a character. The Friday Night Live Show is synonymous with capturing the essence of artists within its interviews. So listen intently as the true essence of Associated Minds stable member, Willo Wispa is captured to finite perfection, a lucid flow of conscious thoughts, dreamily cascading upon your senses. Lollipop ladies LOVE him, now you will too. The Pakistan Floods "the worst disaster in history" Please take a look on Google for images and first hand footage of the situation out in Pakistan. It is being described as the worst natural disaster to occur in over a century, claiming more lives than the 2004 Tsunami, the Haiti earthquake and the 2005 China earthquakes combined. Look at the children's smiles as they stand caked in mud, waist high in the flood water, having lost their family and everything they ever knew and give everything you can - http://www.dec.org.uk .These children know that their mother wont tuck them in tonight - she's gone along with the most of the people their innocent eyes and ears have ever experienced http://www.dec.org.uk - YOUR kindness will be rewarded. Enjoy and please continue to spread the word about our show. Contact us as conspiracyworldwide@gmail.com Blackberry PIN: 22192BE3 Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/conspiracymontana http://www.myspace.com/menaceconspiracy